closing-valuate-foreign currency valuation - FAGL_FC_VAL

Path: Accounting – Financial accounting-General ledger-Periodic processing-closing-valuate-foreign currency valuation (new) (Tr.code is FAGL_FC_VAL)

Give the company code                         : AML
Valuation key date                                 :31.03.2009
Valuation area                                       : BA
Select GL balance tab
Select valuate GL Account balance check box
GL account 100301 SBI FC term loan
Select postings button
Give the batch input session name         :AML
Select execute button
Select 1postings button
Select back arrow two times

Month end revaluation
23.10.2008             100000                   47
31.10.2008                                           47.50            0.50              5000
30.11.2008                                           49                2.00              200000

Exchange Loss                                                         Option 2
31.10.2008                           50000
30.11.2008             200000                             01.11.2008             50000

SBI FC Term loan
23.10.2008             100000                                                           4700000
31.10.2008                                                                                   50000
01.11.2008             500000                             30.11.2008             200000

Loss for October     50000
Loss for November 150000                             
Loss up to Nov.       200000

procedure for month end revaluation: (Tr code is FAGL_FC_VAL)

Enter month end exchange rates in Forex table
Company code                       : AML
Valuation key date                  : Month end date
Valuation area                        : BA
Select crate posting check box
Select reverse posting check box
Select execute button
Procedure for year end revaluation

Enter year exchange rate in Forex table
Company code                       : AML
Valuation key date year end date
Valuation area                        : BA
Select create posting check box
Reversal posting date             :Blank
Deselect reverse posting check box
Select execute button
From the menu select àSystem –-> Services-Batch input – Sessions
Select session FAGL_FC_VALU
Select process button
Give the business area           : AMLH

Business area                        : AMLH
We get a message processing of batch in put session completed
Select exit batch input button
To view the document posted view the Tr.Code FB03
Select display currency button
End user area                                                      customization area SPRO
SAP easy access screen)
How to view path when transaction code is given
In command filed enter search – SAP- menu
Search –SAP-Menu
Press enter
Search text entry : F-02

Select find button (Ctrl+F)
Search term : Fiscal year
Select fiscal year in area financial accounting global settings


Define ledger group

Path :SPRO-Financial accounting (new)- Financial accounting Global settings (new) – Ledger-Define ledger group-

Select ledger group :0L  
Double click ledger assignment folder
Select ledgers other than OL
From the menu select delete
Ignore the message press enter and save
Press enter to save in your request

Assign exchange rate difference key in GL Master (FS00)

Give the GL 100301 SBI FC Term loan
Company code                            : AML
From the menu select GL Account change
Select control data tab
Exchange rate difference key: Select USD
Select save button or Ctrl+S

Foreign currency term loan receipt (F-02)

Give the document date              : Today’s date
Type                                           : SA
Company code                            : AML
Currency                                     : USD
Rate                                           :47
Posting key                                 :40
Account                                      :200100 ( Cash account)
Ignore the warning message press enter
Amount                                       :100000
Business area                             :AMLH
Text                                            :SBI  FC Term Loan Receipt
Posting key                                 :50
Account                                      :100301 SBI FC Term loan
Amount enter                              :*
Business area                             :AMLH
Text                                            :+

From the menu select Documentà Simulate and Save